Ext非常高兴的宣布第一次会议和Ext3.0发布会将于2009年4月16号在佛罗里达州奥兰多市举行.参加Jacky和核发开发小组紧张进行为期3天的会议,探讨所有的新功能加入Ext3.0 。 找到最佳建立应用程序的途径,和Ext社区其他成员交流。会议提供的议程将关系到所有参与应用开发,包括管理人员,设计人员,开发人员和程序设计师。

Sessions cover all three libraries included under the Ext umbrella: Ext JS 3.0, Ext GWT 2.0 & Ext Core 1.0.

    Ext JS is the library that allows you to write your applications in JavaScript with complete platform independence.
    Ext GWT is the library that allows you to leverage pre-existing Java skills for client-side development.
    Ext Core is a lightweight, feature rich library weighing in at 49.9Kb and is perfect for your smaller projects and websites.
Connect with the Ext Team and guest speakers as they share their expertise in application development with 24 exciting sessions.

The Ext Conference is being held at the Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes conveniently located only 10 miles away from Orlando International Airport and Disney World. Bring the family and stay for the weekend. The Ritz-Carlton provides complimentary transportation to local theme parks like Universal Studios and SeaWorld. By working directly with the Ritz-Carlton, we were able to negotiate a special rate for all Ext conference attendees. You can stay at the Ritz-Calrton’s luxurious 5-star hotel for $149 a night.

Ext recognizes that our community is critical to the success of our projects. Without the rich ecosystem of forums, user extensions, themes and samples that the community has provided we would not be in the same place we are today. The conference provides a unique opportunity for the community to come together and share innovative ideas about Ext development. Check out the live attendance list which lets you know who has already registered for the conference.

Ext will be offering a $250 early registration discount for registering by February 10th 12:00 AM EST. Community leaders will also be recognized during the registration process. Register today and connect with the Ext Team and Community in April!